IMG_4788.JPGLaura is available for consulting on both art studio design and art curriculum. Besides having studied the Reggio Emilia (RE) approach in Italy, she was the studio teacher at First Presbyterian Nursery School and taught the RE approach at Santa Monica College, Pacific Oaks College, as well as at education conferences.  She has consulted with a number of schools and families on the design of their art studios as a result of a workshop she gave many times called, “A Space to Dream In”. The workshop elaborated on the RE idea of how environment functions as an important player in our creative process.  Her consultation on art curriculum has helped many individuals with classroom approaches pre-school through grade 12, party planning, and fundraising projects. She has consulted on art projects and process with a number of other institutions such as Coach Art, PS Arts and the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Email Laura to discuss your consultation needs.

Consultation for the design of your school or home art studio  

A studio in the home can support creativity and be a therapeutic outlet for everyone.  Especially in these high tech times when we are trying to provide alternatives to screen time, it is even more important to have our homes be a sanctuary and retreat from so much stimulation.  A home studio, no matter how large or small is one way to achieve this.  Having materials ready and beautifully organized, having a space to dream in is the best invitation to slow down, feel safe and be inspired to create.

Laura will work with you and your family to create a plan for your home studio.  If you are in a school setting she can give you guidance on how to collaborate with your students on a design that best suits the needs of your community.  Many of the same principles apply to the home and to the school studio.  Having input from those who use it is of utmost importance.  Also, having participation in its creation from those who will use it will guarantee that it is respected and taken care of.

In the school setting a studio can be a separate space or smaller version within the classroom.  A studio elegantly displays all the visual possibilities through which children can express themselves.  Sometimes an idea can start in a studio and travel back to the classroom.  Sometimes it is the other way around.  An idea may take seed in a classroom, becoming so large it needs to blossom in the garden that is the studio.

Fee of $300. includes the following services:

•One hour consultation at your home or school

•Detailed design drawing laying out plan of studio

•List of possible resources for items needed

•To-do list for completion of studio

Call or email Laura to set up an appointment at your home or school.