IMG_4886.PNGEach table easel was made with love by my dad, Timoteo “Chilo” Alvarez in his home wood shop. Sturdy, all wood easels feature a design that is both compact when folded up and stand the test of time. Easels have a clear glossy finish, making them easy to clean. “Arms” on the back swing out and up to hold a larger canvas or panel. These are the easels used in classes by many, many students at Paradiso Arts so I can attest to their functionality and toughness. Students and teachers love them at First Presbyterian Nursery School as well where they use them on a daily basis. They are great for kids and adults. Prices are listed below. Email Laura at paradisoarts@gmail.com to place your order.

Mi Ranchito Easel Prices

These easels are a labor of love.

One easel for a private individual….. $100. plus shipping

Two or more easels…………………. $80. each plus shipping

One easel for a non-profit school…….. $80. plus shipping



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